Polhem Infra creates long-term value.

Polhem Infra is a company that invests in and manages infrastructure assets. The company was founded 2019 and is jointly owned by the AP Funds, First AP Fund, Third AP Fund and Fourth AP Fund.

The focus is direct investment in unlisted Swedish or Nordic infrastructure companies in private sector and public sector. The potential areas of investment are infrastructure that is close and crucial to the society such as energy, transport, renewable electricity generation and digital infrastructure.

The goal for Polhem Infra to become the best partner for both public and private actors who invest in or manage infrastructure assets. A prerequisite for partnership is that the actors share our view on sustainability and act in a way that is sustainable socially, environmentally and financially.

We invest in infrastructure for the good of the society, citizen and pensioners

Our focus is to acquire and develop major infrastructure operations in the private and public sectors in the Nordic countries, primarily in Sweden. Investments can be made solely by Polhem Infra but also together with other long-term, industrial or financial, partners. We believe that we can create value ​​for society as a whole and the individual citizen through active ownership.

Sustainable investments can act as catalyzers and free resources and create values that helps the community to take necessary steps towards building a society for the future. A future where we have a sustainable society with a thriving countryside, cities that operate without interruption and in the end, individual pensioners that receive a well-earned pension.

For Polhem Infra, sustainability is a central part of the financial analysis of risk and return. We see that long-term value creation goes hand in hand with good and pro-active sustainability strategies.

Active and committed owners equals stable returns.

Through value-creating investments in infrastructure, we help build a society that creates favorable conditions for people and companies to flourish in a sustainable way. In the companies we own, we are active owners with a hands-on approach, regardless of the size of the stake of ownership. Our owner strategy has the purpose to strengthen, develop and refine the companies’ long-term business in order to create added value.

The return on our investments benefits the Swedish society by building a solid economic base for present and future pensioners.