About Polhem Infra

Long-term investments in sustainable infrastructure

About Polhem Infra

Polhem Infra generates returns for Sweden’s national income pension system through long-term investments in sustainable infrastructure. The company was founded in 2019 and is jointly owned by the AP Funds – First AP Fund, Third AP Fund and Fourth AP Fund. 

Long-term partner

Polhem Infra aims to be a long-term partner for both public and private actors who invest in and manage critical infrastructure with a focus on renewable electricity generation, energy storage, energy distribution, digital infrastructure and transport infrastructure.

Polhem Infra is jointly owned by


Board of Directors

Johan Skoglund


Johan Temse

Board member

Representative of Första AP-fonden

Maria Björklund

Board member

Representative of the Third Swedish National Pension Fund

Jenny Askfelt Ruud

Board member

Representative of the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund

Malin Frenning

Board member

Anders Björklund

Board member

Anna Elmfeldt



Peter Dahl

Maria Sheutz



Jonas Olsson

Legal Counsel


Carl-Wilhelm Levert

Senior Investment Manager