Contributing to Sweden’s climate goals.

Investment date:

April 2020




Renewable electricity generation

One of Sweden's largest wind power projects

Electricity use will increase in Sweden in the coming years, as fossil fuels in the industrial and transport sector are replaced by electricity. Fossil energy production must be phased out and replaced by sustainable alternatives. The Skaftåsen wind farm in Härjedalen municipality is one of Sweden’s largest wind power projects.


The Skaftåsen wind farm comprises 35 Siemens turbines with a nominal capacity of 6.6 MW each (231 MW) and has the capacity to produce electricity for about 100,000 households (consumption of 5,000 kilowatt hours per year). Through the investment in Skaftåsen wind farm, Polhem Infra continues to invest Swedish pension capital in projects that contribute to Sweden’s climate goals with the aim of a one hundred percent renewable electricity system with high security of supply and low environmental impact.