We contribute to the transition to a sustainable society

We contribute to the transition

The ongoing energy transition and increased digitalisation are creating major investment needs. Polhem Infra aim to be a stable partner in capital-intensive infrastructure projects.

Our sustainability work

Sustainability characterizes every aspect of our process. This means that we:
  • Attach particular importance in management to how sustainable development can be promoted without compromising the return target.
  • Integrate factors, such as environmental, social, corporate governance and business ethics aspects into the operations.
  • Follow UN’s global goals for sustainable development and the Parliament’s generational goals for environmental policy, which guide environmental work at all levels of society.
  • Manage capital efficiently, and results-oriented in a transparent manner.
  • Are committed and responsible owners, have dialogues with the companies, other owners and other stakeholders, as well as participate in various national and international initiatives and contexts that promote sustainable development and good corporate governance.


Polhem Infra continuously measures selected sustainability indicators that are reported to the AP Funds.