Solör Bioenergi

Towards a sustainable society.

Investment date:

November 2019




Energy production and distribution

Solör Bioenergi

Solör Bioenergi is a leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels. Solör produces and distributes district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public activities and industries. The business also includes energy recovery of impregnated wood and production of biofuel. By capturing the forest’s resources, Solör Bioenergi wants to pave the way for a sustainable society with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Polhem Infra owns 40 percent of the shares in Solör Bioenergi. The investment in Solör, with the company’s unique strategy of owning and managing small and medium-sized district heating plants, gives Polhem Infra access to an important part of the Swedish energy market where district heating as a socially necessary service with a clear environmental profile has a natural role.

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